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 What is debate?

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PostSubject: What is debate?   Thu Dec 14, 2006 8:44 pm

What is debate?

Debate is where we argue points on a bill. We give speechs based on points and research on either pro, for the bill, or con, against the bill.

Okay, so what is a bill?
A bill is a document written from another school based on one of three points.

1) Foreign Affairs (FA)-Topics that deal with things outside of our country. Exaples:Iraq, Iran, UN, China, Nukes, Africa
2) Economy (Econ)- Topics that deal with anything that has to do with money, the exchange of money, or the collection of money. Also, trade w/other nations, and support by sending supplies w/a numerical value. Econ bills must have something to do with the economy, or is may go to FA or PW.
Examples: Taxes on cigerettes, sending aid to China, phasing out the penny, giving money to schools
3) Public Welfare (PW)-Any bills that deal with helping our nation, or the welfare of our country. Must not have anything to do with money, or it would be considered econ.
Examples-Tighting school security, leaglization of marrijuwanna, putting President Nixon's face on Mount Rushmore

You research the topics of each bill, and give points for both pro and con. Then you give a speech on these points.


Okay, here is the part where you have to do some work. It takes maybe an hour or two of your time to research your bills, which you get around each every month or two.

Now then, what is in a speech?
A speech has three different versions

Authorship-Takes priority over all speechs, and is a speech for pro. It is a person who gives a speech (Written for them), and they are the writters of the bill.

4 Minutes Long
3 minutes of questioning

Pro speech-A speech that defends why the bill is good. It tells of why the bill should be put into effect, and gives good reasoning of why.

3 minutes long (If it is after an authorship speech)
2 minutes of questioning

Con speech-Why the bill is bad, basically. Gives reasoning and gives how previous pro speakers were wrong.
It can be broken down into:
This bill will harm more then help
There is no problem
We are already in progress of helping the situation the bill covers

3 minutes long
2 minutes of questioning

Sounds like a lot to take in

It's not so hard once you do it once or twice.

Is it hard?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I personally love debate, although I cannot say I am the best at it.

Will people critize me if I do bad?

Never. The people who you give speechs to are your friends, and they don't want to harm you.

What else is there to know?

At compition, you have judges that score you based on your speech. It's not important right now, so I'll explain it later.

That's the basics of debate, feel free to PM me and I will include it.


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Average Debater
Average Debater

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PostSubject: Re: What is debate?   Sun Dec 17, 2006 5:12 pm


    Bill- Piece of legislation that is spoken and voted on. Either passes, fails, or remains tabled

    PO- Presiding officer. Runs chamber.

    Pro- speech in favor of the bill

    Con- speech against the bill

    Ballot- grading sheet that judges use to critique your speech

    Session- period of time in which you debate. Usually about 2.5 hours long and 3 per tournament.

    judge- adult or older student who grades your speech.

    speeches- speeches in favor of or against a bill. Are three minutes long unless the authorship or following con speech (which are 4 minutes).

    questioning- 2 minutes (3 for Authorship and following con speech) in which other students ask you questions about your speech or the topic.

    Tabling- Ignoring a bill. This is when you put a bill off to the side, with or without the intention of getting back to it.

    Previous Questioning (PQing)- Voting on a bill. Needs a 2/3 majority for this motion to pass (assuming time hasn't run out in which case it is automatic) The majority vote wins

    Sponsorship- first speech if there is no authorship.

I think this is just about it. cheers

-Kevin Shryock-
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What is debate?
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